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Forty scripture memory verses on healing globalchristians, forty scripture memory verses on healing romans 10 tells us that faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of christ to help us believe god for healing ourselves our friends and our families it helps to have a good grasp of the scriptures concerning healing. Scripture for today, matthew 5 1 seeing the crowds he went up on the mountain and when he sat down his disciples came to him 2 and he opened his mouth and taught them saying. The meaning of scripture bible views, read an indepth article on the meaning of scripture biblical viewpoints publications is an anabaptist mennonite christian site.

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8 the familiar passage 2 tim 3 16 17 reads all scripture is breathed out by god and profitable for teaching for reproof for correction and for training in righteousness 17 that the man of. Knowing the scriptures how to read and understand the bible, so they read in the book in the law of god distinctly and gave the sense and caused them to understand the reading nehemiah 8 8 jesus answered and said unto them ye do err not knowing the scriptures.