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10ml Pure Essential Oils Beautiful Scenery Photography

10ml Pure Essential Oils Beautiful Scenery Photography

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Image via Wikipedia An entire page of this blog could be dedicated to the unspoken necessities of the trade.  In this case I will just briefly touch on the importance of finding good restrooms.      Now don’t get strange on me, but one of my favorite pursuits while out working a territory is identifying the best public restroom facilities.  There are some gems out there although most are grimy and many creepy.  Public restrooms in parks are all but non-existent in this anti-government era of extreme fiscal austerity.  (Actually began about 20 years ago when times were much, much better.  Don’t blame that on any recession.)  In parks today, if you’re lucky, you find disgusting portable toilets.  So I steer clear of parks.     Let’s take an example of a prime find.  In once-beautiful Anoka, Minnesota, you can find a great restroom in the city hall.  As a rule, city hall in any town is a great choice for clean restrooms.  Clean, lightly used, and no loiterers.  Anoka’s city hall restroom has all of that and more.  Take a look at this view!     Rum River Falls, Anoka, Minnesota Isn’t that a beautiful view?  I’ll tell you what makes this photo even more amazing…it was a cloudy day when I took that picture.  I am certain of it.  And voila!  The sky is blue.  Even on a cloudy day the skies clear at this public restroom.  THAT is one hell of a plus you don’t find at many public restrooms.     So I stop here when I am having a hard time coping with my career choice.  There’s something about water flowing over a dam that can be therapeutic.  And I enjoy rivers.  The Rum River seems to be a good river.     Another plus to notice at the Anoka City Hall is the timelessness of the place.  Other than the questionable fashions worn by people in the building, you might think it were still the 1960s in there.  It feels like my hometown city hall.  Whenever I go into that building I expect to see a sign indicating the parks and rec department at the end of the hall where I would pick up my season swimming pool pass.  Ah, yes, those were beautiful days.  I’m sure I didn’t appreciate the restrooms nearly as much then.  So, in some ways, life does get better with age.     It is difficult to top the restroom at Anoka’s city hall, but there are other great city hall restrooms in that area…they just don’t have the fantastic view.  Check out Ham Lake and Little Canada, for example.  Sparkling clean and never crowded.  Oh…Watertown.  Same thing.  I guess the best take-away here is simply this:  When you need a restroom facility, your first choice should be a city hall.  Unless you’re in northeastern Arizona.  Or a big city.      I am going to check the site linked below.  Some guy’s got the idea to have a public restroom poll!  A former salesman, perhaps.     

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