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“Rain or shine - Ab burner credit @brookesmith Tag a

“Rain or shine - Ab burner credit @brookesmith Tag a

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PostsCommentsMay 15, 2012 by admin   Filed under Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)12 Comments  Stay-Fit Buzz: First things first, you’re from South America, Floripa, right? Alice: That’s correct, I’m originally from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. Stay-Fit Buzz: How does the fitness industry work there compared to the North of America. Are the opportunities to create a name for yourself still the same? Alice: In Brazil, the fitness industry is just beginning to take off. It is not as popular as it is in the U.S. But I like what I do and I usually have an affect on people who live with me and even those who do not know me personally. Stay-Fit Buzz: It appears that you have travelled to quite a few places, which is a great way to spread your personal brand in my opinion. What countries have you visited to date? Alice: I traveled to 3 competitions in October 2011. First to Spain-Madrid and then to US-Ohio in March 2012. Stay-Fit Buzz: There are a good number of inspirational fitness icons from the South American region, especially women. Have any of them inspired you to take the journey that you have taken? Alice: I started to compete with the invitation of my coach Waldemar Guimarães. Brazilian women who inspire me are Gal Yates, Larissa Reis, Natalie and Nicole Melo Eccel.  Stay-Fit Buzz: Most people just want to be involved in fitness to stay active, healthy and to of course stay in shape and look great. What gave you the desire to want to compete and what was the experience like when you first hit the stage? Alice: A year after searching for my coach, I simply kept to a basic training principles and keeping good form, as this is what was required for me to begin competing. He invited me to participate in the IFBB Championship and I have been a runner-up in Brazil. The feeling of going on stage and to represent Brazil is indescribable and only motivates me to improve. Stay-Fit Buzz: Let’s speak about your physique for a moment, because one of the reasons for inviting you over to Stayfitbuzz was because of your strong, yet still very feminine build. You clearly achieved that by not being afraid to apply resistance training to your workouts. But how did you look before you got into fitness? Was it your goal to develop the type of physique that you have today? Alice: I never imagined participating in a bodybuilding championship at first. I did not want to lose my femininity. But I decided to take my chances and favorable genetics for bodybuilding. And now I love the physique that I gained from it! Stay-Fit Buzz: On Stayfitbuzz, we talk a lot about ‘the specifics’ of building a strong, lean and sexy body. Because we know that there are many factors that can affect how one person will look and develop compared to a next person. Factors such as age, sex, race, experience, genetics. What are your strong and weak points? Do you find building strong legs easy compared to your upper body? Have you had to fight to keep a high metabolism to maintain the body that you’ve built? Was building muscle as hard as they say compared to the relative ease at which men build muscle? Alice: My abdomen is a strong point and my weak point is my quadriceps. My upper limbs grow more easily than my legs. In preparation for competitions, I do not do much exercise for the abdomen and for my legs, I have to work the quadriceps hard and perform more aerobic exercise to avoid looking too bulky, but defined. Building muscle is hard for men and women equally, without regard to the biological factor that is more favorable for men.  Stay-Fit Buzz: It looks like you’re about to perform a variation of a lunge exercise in the picture above (Although it does look like a photoshoot). Is that one of your favorite exercises? Alice: My favorite exercise is the eighth abdominal Stay-Fit Buzz: In fact, how do you find the photoshoot process. Is it something that you enjoy to do? Alice: I love doing photo shoots and see my progress over time. Stay-Fit Buzz: Some ‘genetically gifted’ women sometimes find that the big compound lifts such as deadlifts and squats build too much mass on their legs than they would like. Do you find that to be the case in regards to your body? Have any of your peers/associates complained about those exercises affecting them in that way? Alice: A good exercise to not get the bulky looking leg muscles and develop in a way so that they’re more slim and toned is doing this exercise.  Stay-Fit Buzz: We can agree to that. This is actually one of the exercises that we include throughout our No Nonsense Butt Building Specialization reports Alice: 🙂  Stay-Fit Buzz: Eating clean is just one of the things you have to do if you want to get in shape. But what are some of your favorite meal plans. Are there any popular ‘healthy’ foods from the South American region? Alice: I love to eat omelet with one egg yolks, six clear and solid light tuna. Pancake protein: http://blog.labellamafia.com.br/?paged=6). In addition to fruits and vegetables. I also love eating sushi-sashimi. Stay-Fit Buzz: Finally, how do you keep fitness fun? As the saying goes, ‘love what you do and you will never work a day on your life’. Alice: I try to enter my workouts into my daily routine. That way, it becomes a part of my lifestyle and not an ‘extra thing’ to do. For me it is a commitment to go train and it made me addicted to endorphins, the feeling of pleasure of work well done.   Alice Matos is an upcoming  IFBB BIKINI INTERNATIONAL Fitness model from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. Like this interview? Feel free to share it using the share buttons provided.  Got a question about the topics covered in this interview?Then be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.Tags: Alice Matos, strength training for women, Weight loss programs for womenMay 7, 2012 by admin   Filed under Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)10 Comments  As a Fitbuzzer, your body is simply made up of Central Nervous System trained muscles with a tiny layer of fat on top. And since the goal is to lose fat and not weight (Because that would include losing lean muscle, which you need to help you ‘stay’ lean), it would be in your best interest to keep that layer of fat low. But how low should you go? What’s the best way to measure body fat %? What methods are deemed useless? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.   It was in this video post where I spoke about the effects of lifting weights to get lean. In fact, lifting weights to get lean while maintaining your current diet may just be a better option than actual dieting. Because typical dieting may cause you to lose lean muscle (Up to 50%). You know, dropping 5-10 pounds of weight in a matter of days by dehydrating yourself. But that’s pointless, because you know you’re going to gain all of that back again. Keep on repeating that process and you’ll gain back MORE each time you do it, because each time will result in a loss of even more lean muscle, which you now know helps you keep the fat off. So when you hear the terms ‘weight loss’ and ‘fat loss’, be sure to understand that both terms mean two different things.   The goal of fat loss is obviously a more challenging one to accomplish. I know because…  Now, there is a reason I named this post a ‘challenge’. The reason is because most people make the mistake of worshipping the scale first before anything else. But think about this (Especially ‘lean’ guy Fitbuzzers)…How many times have you walked up to the scale, been disappointed with the weight on the scale (You wished you were heavier) but then looked in the mirror and found that you’re actually happy with what you see?OrHow many times have you walked up to the scale, have been happy with the weight, but disappointed with what you see?Confused?Well, there’s nothing confusing about either of those scenarios really. But it does highlight the reasons why you shouldn’t be using the scale as your no.1 judge for progress. The reason for the confusion is that the scale doesn’t tell you how much of your weight is fat and how much of your weight is muscle. To add to that, your weight will flucuate throughout the entire day. Which basically means the reading on that scale can never be completely accurate. It will always be a tool for gauging. As I’ve said before, it’s better to judge by what you see in the mirror and the measurements based on your body fat percentage and lean body mass.Back to the video above…These two charts are taken from that same page mentioned above. However, I want to clear up a few things regarding some of these charts. Namely the bodyweight vs body fat percentage charts.   You may have seen charts like the ones above before. Some charts only include what weight you should be in regards to your height. However, I’m not going to post one of those for you to see. Why? Because just like the scale, these charts are not a totally accurate. Example time… According to that chart (Some differ by a few percentages more) this women is considered obese. Which is wrong, because this women simply has more fat than muscle, but she is definitly not obese, because she only weighs 110lbs.Or He would be considered obese in regards to his height and weight ratio. But as you can see, he has a very low body fat percentage, probably has stacks of lean muscle mass (Which aids to his weight – This is the kind of weight gain that you want by the way. Especially for those on the No Nonsense Butt Building program who want to grow their glutes) And most likely looks like this…  Just like the scale, these height and weight only charts don’t factor in your actual body fat percentage. If you was a foolish person (One of the above two examples), you would go and cry yourself to sleep if you judged your progress by weight only. So if you’re using these charts as a tool, just understand that the devil is in the details.  The Body Mass Index (BMI) is another well known method to determine whether you’re at a “healthy weight.” How it works If you’re BMI is higher than the figures you see there, then you’re considered ‘obese’. Well one way to test how efficient this is, is to test our male and female subjects from the above example: The BMI formula  Well, as you can see, the female subject from above has a favorable BMI rating of 16.01. So she’s ‘healthy’, right? Not quite, remember, this is the same lady that has a body fat percentage of 29.8%. Which is totally bad, but isn’t exactly ‘healthy’.Then we have the male subject who is completely shredded, has stacks of lean muscle mass, a low body fat percentage, yet BMI states that he’s ‘unhealthy’. Which we know he is not. So it’s quite clear that this form of testing will not favor everyone. What we need is a solution that can be applied by anyone.We have covered the non-effecient ways to measure your weight and body fat percentage, let’s start looking at some of the better solutions for a more accurate reading.    Wrong (Kind of..) You might have heard me say something along those lines before. But the truth is, the mirror can also become your worst enemy. Because when we talk about the mirror, we’re talking about the mirror using only your eyes to gauge progress. And you won’t be able to notice your real daily and weekly changes, unless your body is changing at light speed, which is never a good thing, wether that’s losing or gaining weight. Honestly, the only real world method of knowing if you’ve changed or not is when your peers tell you that you have. Of course, you can always take progress pictures when you KNOW you have reached a new goal weight (From being in a near obese state) and then yse the changes. But it’s always best to include a practical and accurate method of testing your body composition for measuring progress.    ”Hey, I thought you said practical. This doesn’t look or sound practical at all” OK, this method isn’t totally practical in terms of measuring your body composition. But it has been labeled as the ‘holy grail’ in comparison to some other methods. The main reason for this is because when you are dipped under water, the fat on your body will float and the muscle on your body will sink. However, there are some disadvantages  to this method…  But overall, it’s worth doing once in a while. Or just to have a little bit of fun :). But for a more practical approach, the next method is what you may want to add to your mirror solution.   Before I get into this, let’s first understand our types of fat. Essential fatYou’ll find essential fat in your liver, heart, bone marrow, nerves, brain and in all other organs of your body. It’s called essential because your body needs it to insulate and protect against heat loss as well as storing energy. It’s ‘internal’ fat, which is why it’s almost impossible to drop to zero BF%, despite how much you hear that term thrown around.Subcutaneous fatThis is the fat that deposits right underneath your skin and is where most of your body fat is stored. With the later, it therefore makes for a near accurate measurement of body fat testing by pinching folds of fat in 3 or 4 locations around your body.But how accurate is it?Well it is true that you can use this method doing it yourself by purchasing skinfold calipers. However, you do have to be ‘skilled’ to get the best results. Which is why for some newer self testers, it may be best to start with an experienced professional.However, once you do become fairly skilled using this form of self testing (After a bit of practice and avoiding human errors such as taking a horizontal fold when it should be a vertical fold), the next step is to ensure that your testing method is reliable and consistent. Because this is a game of progress. And if you can’t measure your progress effectively, then you’re wasting your time. So, here’s a few pointers…  This method works best for those who are in the 15-35% body fat percentage range. The selling point being that this method is practical in addition to using the mirror and progress pictures to track progress.Now, I’ve talked about how to calculate your lean body mass and overall desired weight before. It’s not something that you should overaly obsess about. However, it is important to work these figures out in terms of goal setting.  To kill all kinds of confusion with these terms, your lean body mass is simply the total weight of your body minus the fat. I always talk about that maximum 50% of lean muscle that you could lose if you screw up and start crash or starve dieting, and by using this formula, you will be able to tell if you’ve gained or even lost muscle. Required Lean body mass calculation  Then minus the fat from your total weight for your lean body mass170lbs – 23lbs = 147lbs  ”Heeey, I thought what I weigh doesn’t matter, or isn’t as important as I once thought?” Well, that is true. However, it’s important to calculate these for goal setting purposes. After all, you have to know your destination before stepping out on the journey right? The formula  It doesn’t matter how big or small the goal is. You can simply plug your details into this formula and start working towards your goal weight.  You now know that it’s better to be ‘obsessed’ about what your body fat percentage is than what your weight on the scale is. In fact, don’t obsess over anything, that’s a horrible word. But in short… Winning formula  Losing formula There are also tons of other methods to measure your body fat percentage. Many of which I haven’t even listed here, such as:  Many of these are high technology methods that can give some very accurate results. But for the sake of your sanity and to ensure that you don’t ‘obsess’ over anything, just keep it simple on your quest to lose fat vs losing weight on this fitness journey.Tags: eat clean train dirty, strength training for women, Weight loss programs for womenApril 30, 2012 by admin   Filed under No Nonsense Butt Building, Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)1 Comment   Stay-Fit Buzz: Hello and welcome to Stayfitbuzz.com. Now, your story is unique, as you have started out as a glamour model. Or, is that where your journey really began? Valeria: Yes, you are correct I started off as a glamour model at the age of 18.Valeria: Well one day I received an email from Josef.L the President/CEO of Nutri-sups about representing the brand. I was honored and taken by surprise, even though I’m lean, I’m not a fitness model. It was an easy decision, I love everything Nutri-sups represents. Stay-Fit Buzz: You also recently stated that you need to remain ‘soft’. Is that because you’re still active as a glamor model? Valeria: Yes this is true, its a difficult balance. I still model for swim wear & lingerie lines, and they want to see soft & feminine looks, but I’ve never heard a client complain about me being too fit. I know my look is a little different from the years before, but I love it and embraces fitness & health.Stay-Fit Buzz: What are the requirements to be accepted as a Nutri-sups athlete. And similarly, as a glamour model. Because it sounds like there could be a challenging balance to be maintained in terms of your physique?Valeria: Nutri-sups has levels of athletes “Glamour models” that’s my category & it goes up to Fitness diva, and fitness model. Nutri-sups expects & helps us be in shape all year round have helped me step by step in my transformation. This company is truly a family, thanks to Jay L and Scalpa.Stay-Fit Buzz: What kind of diet/workout plan have you been following so far to maintain your current physique?Valeria: My diet consists of chicken, fish, greens/veg, oatmeal, nothing really special just the diet & portion control that has worked for years. Eating clean is very rewarding, your body is thankful and does what its suppose to. I train at Monsters MMA gym in Miami 5 days a week doing jiu jitsu & muay thai back to back. I’m obsessed with it, best cardio and I do weights 3x a week.Stay-Fit Buzz: We recently created a new product called ‘No Nonsense Butt Building‘. It’s quite clear that you are not weak in that department. How much of that would you put down to genetics?Valeria Orsini glute progressionValeria: I mean I’m Colombian/Puerto Rican so keeping my glutes tight is important. Actually my glutes have grown thanks to the thousands of lunges & squats at Monsters. Im naturally muscular so I do owe about 65% to genetics.Stay-Fit Buzz: Have you actually focused on strengthening your glutes specifically, which is something we know CAN be achieved, with certain approaches to diet and working out?Valeria: Some days I dedicate my work out to abs & glutes but not enough attention to just my glutes to have a dramatic change, I’ve had an over all change. Stay-Fit Buzz: That sounds about right, as that’s the same approach that we apply when it comes to building glutes, to change the shape and look of the surrounding muscles at the same time.Stay-Fit Buzz: What do you enjoy more, glamour or fitness?Valeria: I love dressing up having hair & make up and pretty things to wear but glamour never changed my life, fitness did. Fitness has change everything for me, the way I eat, look, and feel. Fitness has made glamour modeling even better, now I’m in better shape and always ready for my next job!Stay-Fit Buzz: Do you notice much of a difference between the two? Valeria: Of course but they also have their similarities… when I shoot glamour I feel like seductress & womanly, and when I shoot fitness I feel strong & unstoppable… but no matter what I’m wearing or shooting for, I always feel confident & sexy because I know I’m healthy and in the best shape of my life.Stay-Fit Buzz: Finally, what are your short/long term goals? Valeria: I want to continue down this road of fitness and continue to inspire & motivate girls/guys that if I can do it they can do it. Everyone can join me on this trip, its a long road and next stop “Fitness Diva”. Long term wise, well if you really want know stay tuned & follow me on my journey 😀 xoxoxoxo!!!!  Valeria is a glamour model and Nutri-sups sponsored fitness model Connect with Valeria on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialValeriaOrsiniConnect with Valeria via Twitter: Valeria_OrsiniConnect with Valeria via Instagram: Valeria_OrsiniConnect with Valeria via email: [email protected] Like this interview? Feel free to share it using the share buttons provided.  Got a question about the topics covered in this interview?Then be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.Tags: strength training for women, Valeria Orsini, Weight loss programs for womenApril 16, 2012 by admin   Filed under Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)1 CommentSince running Stayfitbuzz I have communicated with many individuals. Some were already quite successful in their fitness journey, while some were just starting out. In fact, I feel like name dropping from a random list:  Either way, they all caught the Stayfitbuzz. Because regardless of the results or current levels of fitness, they have come along to stick it out for the journey. That’s the approach and mindset you need if you want to succeed in this fitness lifestyle.However, nothing is perfect and the world changes daily. Does that mean that no plan can be perfect? Well, I’ll let you argue about that in the comments. But before you get there. I want to give you a 7 step fat loss formula. A system that if followed can only fail if you fail to use the system.Let’s get into it… What we know (And have covered so far, here, here and here)   I gave a brief introduction to goal setting in this post. But the first thing you’ll need to do is write down what you want to achieve manually, on paper. Not on a computer. Because there’s something magical about physically writing things down that helps you remember things and why it’s important. If so, great, because you at least have an idea of where you want to go, instead of following a tunnel to nowhere.  Remember Rippley from the accelerate your fat loss post?Her stats Yes, she may have a long way to go before reaching her ultimate goal. But she at least has established her starting point… with objective measurements. Which basically means that she will be recording all of the above stats on her progress reports (I’ll create these for you at some point soon)  Now, the reason you found your way to Stayfitbuzz is because you wanted to find a proven model for fat loss that you could simply copy and paste. If so, great, because that’s the smart and fast approach to success. You don’t want to model what everyone else in the world does, which is to lose weight fast and gain it right back. And so, you have Stayfitbuzz 🙂 (The posts and programs).Now, it is true that varying factors (e.g genetics) will of course yield a different result for every individual that follows the programs. But that’s OK. The main point about following a proven model is that you will be able create your best physique in the quickest time possible.Because you are unique it will mean that you will have to experiment with the ‘proven’ formula somewhat. That’s OK too. As long as you follow each process, you will be victorious.  Now that you have the proven formula, you have to keep on acting on it daily and weekly each step of the way, because a goal without action is useless. Quit the talking and start doing. Again, the majority of people out there will talk. But when you look at the amount of people who actually see a goal through to the end, then you’re looking at a handful. Be one of those in that handful. Whether it’s turning a change into a habit, getting yourself into the gym at least 3 times a week or cutting junk food from the shopping list. Just keep on doing it. If you take your eye off the ball, you’ll lose.  I may have mentioned something in the ‘formula’ that should have worked well for you, but didn’t quite work as well… for YOU. You decided to tweak a small thing and like magic, the results blew you away. What ever that process is, just keep on doing it. If what you do isn’t working, then go back to the formula, identify where you went wrong, repeat the proven aspect of the formula and try again or tweak. Just don’t go around in circles repeating the same mistake over and over. It can become a deadly habit, that if not cured can affect you for life.The ability to sense whether something is working or not will take some trial and error. Just make sure you know what you are looking for when you are making judgments. Again, once you find a process that works with what you learn here on SFB and from your own reports, then stick to it. Don’t change it. If any Naysayers try to question your approach, then screw ’em. Because you know what’s what. You’ve seen you’re journey, they haven’t.  No matter how popular a program may be, there is no program out there that caters to EVERYONE. So it’s not uncommon to hear the positive and negative views about a certain program. If a program doesn’t work for you, even our own, then try something else. Don’t be bitter and quit. In fact, quitting is the worst thing you can do, because it keeps you at ground zero… forever! You’ll always produce a result with any form of action. Some results will be great and some won’t. It’s as simple as that. Just use the not so great results as feedback for your eventual great results, which for many of you will be to strip away that final phase of fat. The only time you have to worry is when you can’t notice that something isn’t working.  Yes, I know that you know this by now. But it’s true. Smart consistency and persistence will take you to your goal physique. Persistence, because you may have to change your approach more than once to hit your ultimate formula. Whether that’s with the timing of your meal plans, the types of foods you eat, where fat tends to build up most or whatever. Keep a smart eye on everything.But most of all, be honest along the way. If you’ve been doing something for too long, then it’s OK to quit something, as long as you change the direction. Just don’t get into a habit of jumping onto every single program out there one after the other. That will get you nowhere.Your initial plan may not workout, that’s OK. Heck, the original plan for Stayfitbuzz isn’t on the same course as originally planned.If so, you can just switch, because there are countless strategies to adapt to in this industry. It’s just that the StayFitBuzz formula is a proven approach… that you’re allowed to be flexible around :). Take the fundamentals and apply the 7 steps to create your own ultimate formula. And when you need an extra boost, Stayfitbuzz will always be there for you.  Your tools for progress1. The mirror2. Photos3. Measurements4. How your clothes fit5. Your friends and colleagues thoughts about your appearance6. Opinions from strangers7. Fat weight8. Total bodyweight9. Your lean body mass10. Your body fat percentage11. Your skinfold thickness The best from the bunch are the opinions from ‘fitness friends’ and strangers. This is because your fitness friends probably only see you every 7-10 days if that, so they’ll will be one of the first to notice a real change, even if you haven’t. And strangers will perceive what they see within seconds of acknowledging you. And if it’s a positive reaction, you’ll know. Not that you care what anyone else thinks :). You can agree to disagree. Either way, these will be your tools for progress. Stay tuned for part 2. Tags: strength training for women, truth about six pack abs, Weight loss programs for womenCopyright © 2012 Stayfitbuzz.com · All Rights Reserved · · · Log in | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

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