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Coleman Single High Quickbed Queen Air Bed Mattress W 4d

Coleman Single High Quickbed Queen Air Bed Mattress W 4d

Fast & Free Shipping on all orders and no minimums. No matter what you buy we'll ship it for free within the 48 lower United States, so the price you see is exactly what you pay. No hidden fees or shipping charges.Most items are delivered in under 3 days! We combine the best technology with a great network of warehouses to get your order shipped quickly.We will gladly accept your return within 60 days of the original purchase.Our helpful customer service team is here for you, and that's why our customers love us. We're sure you will to. Just check out what others have to say!Did we mention the best part? We have a wide variety of products, and we work hard to bring you the best deal possible. That's our guarantee to you!Get to your outdoor camping adventures faster with the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent! Set up the tent in a minute and take it down in the same time. It's big enough to hold two queen airbeds and tall enough for campers to stand up and move, making this tent feel a lot like home. When the weather gets rough, count on the WeatherTec™ System and fully-taped seams to keep you dry. The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is made of fabric that comes in at two times the thickness of standard material, making it less likely to rip than other tents! Plus, this is a fully-taped tent, so no rainfly is needed. VMInnovations is an authorized Coleman dealer selling new, warranted products! Please see our other listings, we offer a wide variety of outdoor/camping products!We just ordered this tent and it's absolutely perfect! So fast to set up and take down! I have always hesitated to go on camping trips before because the tents we have had in the past are clumsy, complicated and time consuming. Not this one. I am actually looking forward to going camping now! We just bought this tent and took it for a weekend in the Jemez Mtns. in New Mexico. Weather can be so unpredictable here, especially during monsoon season. Thundershowers can be a nightly occurance especially in the mountains. First of all, this was the easiest, fastest set up on a tent I have ever experienced! It's name holds true, "EZ UP" it practically sets itself up! and it did rain for a couple of hours first night of camping, however it zips tight and even without a rain fly ( Which I was a little concerned) just like the tent said, we didn't need one! We woke up dry! No leaks,zips up tight. I also like that I can stand up inside, no bending! Great tent! I was the envy of my family at our campsite! While everyone was still fussing with theirs,..my tent was up in a minute! This tent is outstanding!!  How did it take us 100 years to come up with something as simple as this tent is to set up!!!I joined a camping group of Dad's and daughters (Adventure guides through the YMCA) and needed a tent.  I was chatting with another Dad who had been in the group over a year already, and he, very wisely, suggested I get an instant tent.  "Do you want to be spending 30-90 minutes in utter frustration EVERY time to you guys camping?"  He was so right!!!!  I was skeptical at first; but, I was able to set it up in my living room the first time in about ten minutes.  My 6 year old daughter and I can set it up, including the tarp underneath, staking it, the whole nine yards in about ten total minutes in the field.  IT is easy and frustration free!Inside felt spacious enough for three or four people to sleep.  For the two of us, their was lots of room for our bags and anything else we wanted to put in.In our first use, I found the tent did allow some moisture seepage from the overnight dew.  (I only noticed it when i touched the top inside of the tent.)  I am someone who like their "sanctuary" to be clean and dry, so I also bought the rainfly and some silicone based water proofing spray.  I dont know they will be absolutely necessary; but, I'm not willing to chance it.  All in all, I would say this is an outstanding tent and I would absolutely recommend it; but, I would also recommend they buy the rainfly and the water proofing.I love this tent! It is so simple to set up and take down. No messing around with the poles, etc. especially when the weather is cooperating! I purchased this tent this year,and do not have any complaints! It is perfect size - not too big and not too small. Comes in handy when our kids have extra friends when we are camping. Love the ability to put air beds in there for the extra comfort! You will not be disappointed in this product. It comes with the Coleman name and their trusty reputation!My wife and I used the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent to a music festival in September. It was so much easier to put up and tear down than our previous one. The claim that it sleeps six is a huge exaggeration. I think three or four would be the maximum. You can see how tightly four sleeping bags fit by looking at the third picture in the listing. My wife and I will typically be the only ones using it, but I think we could comfortably fit our son in there with us if he wanted to camp someday. I really have no idea how Coleman can call this a six person. I’m a little upset that Coleman didn’t include the rain fly with this. It’s designed to be used with this specific tent. It is Coleman part number 2000010331. Ultimately, the Coleman quality, and the convenience of the attached poles makes it a winner for us. I use this tent as a back up while hunting in north Florida. also for quick week end trips without a lot of gear.Its extremely easy to set up. No poles to put together,no sleeves to slide poles through,no fly to attach. with this tent you spread out tent, snap pole locks and stake down the corners and youre done. great ventilation, weather tight, light weight, durable. lots of room for people and gear but the more people the less gear. this is normal for all tents though and I dont consider that a minus for this rating. this tent works as well for a short hunting trip or a family weekend campout. the ease of set up is great but especially when arriving after dark. very happy with my purchase!We bought this tent as our twin boys just joined Cub Scouts and we were going on a family camping trip with the pack.  Previous tents that we've owned have been frustrating in set-up and have taken the fun out of camping.  That was very much the opposite with the Coleman Waterproof 6 Person Family Camping Instant Tent.  This tent is so easy to set-up that an 8-year old can fully set up in just minutes.  Not only was this tent effortless in set-up, it was also more than spacious enough for our family of five.  Thanks to the easy of use and excellent living quarters, we had a wonderful family camp out with the Cub Scouts and look forward to many more camping trips as a family!!  It was also an added bonus that we got a great deal purchasing this tent from VMinnovations!!Ordered this tent for weekend scout campouts with my family.  Best price I could find on the Internet and it arrived ahead of the delivery date!  VMI impressed me and I'll definetly be back for more orders.  The tent went up in under one minute as promised (by myself) and had it taken down and back in the bag in under 5 minutes.  Quality construction, nice looking and good amount of ventilation.  I wouldn't recommend this tent for more than 4 people though.  Had two adults and two children and there was just enough room to get around comfortably.  If for 6 people, I'd go with the 8 man version, but this is a great tent for the price.This is a decent tent fo the money - goes up extrmemely fast, but (as an avid camper) it's obvious this is not a high-quality, "REI" type tent. also: it blows over in the wind, super easy. Lstly, the bottom feels like a heavy garbage bag, which takes away from the 'camping' experience. Would i buy it again? probably so. It's big, and super-easy to set up; good for a one-nite camping trip; would i take it into the Grand Canyon for a week? no way.   this is a great tent! Its a great fit for our family of four. it is so easy to put up it literally takes five minutes or less, its also just as easy to take down just a couple clips and four folds. it has no cover as it waterproof on its own and we tested that it the very misty north CA coast and stayed dry the whole time.  there is a couple small storage pockets inside for keeping things of the ground (they are not big though). there is a hook at the top for hanging a lantern i thought was cool. there is a small knock on it, it is pretty big in its bagged up state about three feet i think so you need a little more space to store it than a normal tent, although there is even a silver lining there too, it is really easy to put in its bag you don't have fold it perfectly or wrestle it into a way to small bag like other tents i've used in the past. just fold it down, haphazardly roll it up, and it fits right in its bag easily. I've owned at least twenty different tents in my life and this so far is my favorite!Love this tent. Saving me hours during the camping season, I'll never go back to the general tent styles again.I'd rather be enjoying nature rather than setting up a tent. Thanks Coleman!Many years ago I purchased a tent from Target that went up much like the Coleman. It was a 2 man tent from Greatland. I literally wore the tent out. A few months back on a trip I lost it off the top of my truck. I was more than pleased to find the Coleman went up the same self contained way. I looked at the 4 person model, thinking it would be easier setting it up by myself. After looking at some You Tube videos of people setting them up, I decided to get a 6 person model, certain that I could do it myself. After getting the tent and practicing in my back yard for about 30 minutes, I was able to get it up by myself in less than a minute and a half. The model I purchased was 10' by 10', and at 6ft tall, I can stand up in it. The material is heavy duty and the zippers seem good now, but would like to have seen bigger teeth. I got a great deal on mine, but had to buy the rainfly separately. Since the fly only fits this tent, it should be included. The poles are built into the tent and the joints snap into place easily and the tent seems very stable. This is a great tent for moderate camping, and I would recommend it highly. PS, I am 76 years old.Very easy to assemble and take down. no leaks during heavey rain. REally fits 2 queen size blow up mattresses, easy and compact for packing and storingLiterally up within a couple of minutes of taking it out of the case! This tent saves tons of time, headaches, getting wet. Just unfold, extend the legs and raise the Hub and you are done except for the stakes. Remember that when you take it down to leave one or two windows open for easy collapse, and that 2 of the knuckles make 2 of the legs go up and two of the knuckles make the other 2 legs go down. Take notice that this tent does not come with a Rain Fly, but generally this isn't needed because the seams are covered with material. If you must have the Rain Fly, VmInovations sells the Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person Rain Fly for around $66.00. Also it is better to be safe than sorry, so spend the $6 for the Coleman Seam Sealer and coat all seams with it. No E-Cord and only one pocket in the tent for storing things. No lower window for ventilation, but this thing has 5 windows with zippered covers and two vents at the very top of the tent. I was initially put off by the fact that this unit is twice as much money as some tents that are actually larger. But after considering the Coleman name and the WeatherTec system with Instant Tent up in 1 minute, how could I justify purchasing anything else. On top of that, VMInvoations offers an additional 1 year Warranty free!!! Sold! This tent will be used exclusively for 3 to 7 day camping in Wisconsin.

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