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By Holly Thomas Updated: 15:48, 27 October 2011 17View commentsHe's on a voyage of self-improvement, and with the overhaul of his figure well underway TOWIE's James 'Arg' Argent is now turning his attention to his visage.After confessing to best friend Mark Wright that he felt he needed to look 'more groomed' to look good next to his girlfriend Lydia, Arg has decided that the next step is dental work.It may be a long road however, as Arg admitted that he 'can't remember' the last time he visited a dentist.Open wide! James 'Arg' Argent posed for some pictures at the dentist on last night's episode of TOWIE Self-improvement: As part of his image overhaul, Arg is keen to have perfect teethOn last night's episode of TOWIE, Arg showed off what he's working with on his intrepid initial visit.Mouth open wide, Arg posed for preliminary pictures- from which he and his dentist can work out what sort of work he needs (and wants).Wearing a pair of retractors Arg gave a 'nice big smile' as the dentist took photos of his not-quite-gleaming whites.Where he's starting from: Girlfriend Lydia commented that Arg's teeth are 'quite crooked' at the moment Trying them on for size: Arg discussed how white he could go with the dentistArg decided that he liked the lighter of the new veneers, but that the 'American white' was too much.He mentioned to the dentist that he had a 'pretty girlfriend', and wondered whether there was a halfway point between American and 'Essex white'.The bomb dropped however when Arg asked how much the procedure would cost in total- a cool £4,500- £5000.Ouch: Having a full new set of veneers would cost Arg £4,500- £5000Even the hefty price tag doesn't appear to have put him off though, as the singer tweeted last night: 'How White should I go, Brentwood or Hollywood? Lol Who thinks gaps in teeth are sexy? I'm so confused, big decisions!'Earlier on the episode Arg asked Lydia she thought of his teeth, to which she replied that they were 'quite crooked.'Best friend Mark Wright was a little more sympathetic when Arg confided his worries to him during a break from a game of football.Looking for approval: Earlier in the episode Arg asked Lydia what she thought of his teethHarsh truth: Lydia said that they were crooked and that he had a gap Arg said he feared that when he's walking down the street with Lydia people wonder 'What's she doing with him?'Though reassured by Mark's words of comfort- 'don't be stupid'- Arg was still uneasy, and continued to express a desire to change.'I just think if I groomed myself a little bit better- my teeth you know,' he mused.Mark, laughing replied: 'But you ain't had them checked for ten years' to which James answered 'I can't remember.'Distracted: Arg couldn't stop looking at his reflection in a picture frame from Lydia's shop'I want them to be straight and white, you know!' He then spoke about getting his teeth done to which Mark replied: 'You've probably got more holes in your teeth then a second hand dartboard! But don't do all that stuff just for Lydia. You are who you are, you are a good looking kid.''Look in that mirror, at who you are, and say "I am Mr Argent" and, erm, nearly Mr Essex...'Overhaul: Arg pictured filming for TOWIE in Chelmsford this week, has been putting all efforts into making over his appearance over the last few months Share what you think The comments below have been moderated in advance. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. We are no longer accepting comments on this article.Published by Associated Newspapers LtdPart of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group

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