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Used land rovers mod sales, ex mod land rovers military vehicles earth moving plant for sale tender auction sales online auctions. James ferguson land rovers, if you know me then you ll know that i have another disease far more serious than my coeliac disease namely landroveritus i believe it s contagious so i recommend you keep your distance unless you have very deep pockets like getting cold wet and oily love getting muddy and don t mind travelling very slowly. 3 brothers classic rovers, busy darn right we are if we missed your email or phone call please accept our humblest apologies even the fact that our web site updates go un touched for 6 months is simply because we are busy with the parts business and busy carrying out renovations on the old building that we moved into last year.

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Land rover buying guides for new and used landrovers like discovery defender range rovers series and freelander buy land rovers in south africa. 11 reasons why people buy land rovers funrover land rover blog, a friend of mine once emailed to say that he was considering buying an old soft top 109 land rover to carry around his family and their kayaks on weekend trips.