American Civilians

American is held after shooting of civilians in afghanistan

Vietnam war casualties wikipedia, r j rummel estimated that nva vc forces killed around 164 000 civilians in democide between 1954 and 1975 in south vietnam from a range of between 106 000 and 227 000 plus another 50 000 killed in north vietnam rummel s summary has a mid level estimate of 17 000 south vietnamese civil servants arvn s local millitia killed by north vietnamese forces including the viet cong. My lai american experience official site pbs, what drove a company of american soldiers to commit the worst atrocity in american military history. U s forces out of vietnam hanoi frees the last p o w, saigon south vietnam march 29 the last american troops left south vietnam today leaving behind an unfinished war that has deeply scarred this country and the united states.

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Why do civilians need assault weapons american thinker

The two strongest reasons for civilians to own assault weapons are self defense and defense against tyranny one self defense situation that comes to mind is the l a riots. Airwars monitoring the coalition air war against isis, monitoring and assessing civilian casualties from international airstrikes in iraq syria and libya seeking transparency and accountability from belligerents and advocating on behalf of affected civilians.